I love Washington City. It's this love that drives me to want a better Washington. This is my home, my present and my future and together we can do much to make Washington the perfect place to live, do business and to build our futures. It's my desire to be your voice and together we can accomplish great things for Washington and our citizens. 



As the father of 3 very active boys, I look at them often and wonder about their future. Will our town be better for them than it was for me. With an unsure future, I want to make sure that our community continues thriving well into the future. 

I have lived in Southern Utah for 19 years. I moved down to go to college in 2000. I loved the feel of this town and after college I decided to stay and raise my family here. I have been married for 12 years and love these 3 awesome boys. Their ages are 11, 8, 5. My beautiful wife takes care of them and I couldn’t do it without her.


I have been working in Washington City for 15 years and feel I have helped make Washington City what it is today. I am a licensed Surveyor, who takes pride in my work to make the project I work on better for all. I have been on Washington City Planning commission for 2.5 years and have loved being apart of planning the community around us. With my experience and work ethic we can keep Washington City on the right track and grow responsibility.     





I believe it's important for each citizen to know the reasons why I am running. 

  • I love Washington City

  • With the current political environment, it can be upsetting how few things are getting accomplished. I believe small government is where people can be heard and with the right leadership in place, things will get accomplished

  • I do not have a political agenda. I believe in making known your opinion and making the best decision for  the citizens of our community

  • I believe in a balanced budget and would expect the City to continue on the great path they currently are on. 

With my planning commission experience and 15 years of work experience, I can be a great asset to the city. 


With the current climate of the City growth is not slowing down. We need to do it right and plan accordingly.


With my experience, we can do it right and continue to make Washington City the best.

For additional information email or call: Craigcoats5@gmail.com435-632-3343

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