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I love Washington City. It has been my honor to serve this great City of Washington for the past 4 years. I am looking for re-election. It has been my love of the city that drives me to want a better Washington. This is my home, and together we can do a lot to make Washington an even better place to live, do business and to build our futures. It's my desire to be your voice and together we can accomplish great things for Washington and our citizens. 



As the father of 3 very active growing boys, I look at them often and wonder about their future. Will our town be better for them than it was for me. With an unsure future, I want to make sure that our community continues thriving well into the future. I have lived in Southern Utah for 23 years. I moved down to go to college in 2000 and after college I decided to stay and raise my family here. I have been married for 16 years and love our three awesome boys. Their ages are 15, 12, 9. My beautiful wife takes care of them, and I couldn’t do it without her. My family does sacrifice to allow me to be apart of the City council but it is all worth it when we know we are helping make this community great.

I served 3 years on the planning commission and now 4 years on the city council. Over the past 7 years I have learned a lot. I have been working in Washington City for 19 years and feel I have helped make Washington City what it is today. I am a licensed Surveyor, who works for a planning and engineering firm. I take pride in my work to make the projects I work on better for all. With my experience and work ethic we can keep Washington City on the right track and grow responsibility.     

Why am I running




I believe it's important for each citizen to know the reasons why I am running. 

  • I have had a good experience the last few years and know I want to accomplish more for the city in the next four years.


  • I believe small government is where people can be heard and with the right leadership in place, things will get accomplished.

  • I do NOT have a political agenda. I believe in making known your opinion and making the best decision for the citizens of our community.


  • I believe in a balanced budget and would expect the City to continue on the great path they currently are on. Over the last 4 years we have always looked at the budget and cut unnecessary items.


  • We have seen extreme growth over the past few years from approximately10,000 residence when I first started working with Washington to now being approximately 43,000 residences. I have always said let’s build it right the first time. 


  • Spend the public funds responsibility.


  • Protect citizens rights.


  • I love Washington City

With my experience, I can be a great asset to the city. 


With my experience, we can do it right and continue to make Washington City the best small city in America.



Board Assignments

·   Chair of WCSW (Washington County Solid Waste) Board

·   Executive Board

·    Flood Control Authority

·    Washington City Power Board

·    Washington City Investment Committee


City Projects

·       Expansion of dog park

·       Funding of future wheels park. Plus $1 million in       contribution of Washington County

·       Boilers park.

·       Sunrise valley park.

·       Covington home upgrades.

·       Expansion of Washington Dam Road.

·       Interchange at George Washington Blvd to Southern


·       Installed multiple stop light.

·       Added 4-5 miles of trail, along with trailheads.

·       New parks maintenance building.

Economic Development.


·       Exit 13 (south side)

·       Auto Mall - (Findlay Hyundai is first of 7-8 car high-tech/high end dealerships)

·       Capital Investment: $80 million

·       Jobs: 750, $76K/year average wage

·       Sales Tax Revenues: $500-750K/year to City

·       Property Tax to School District: $3.8M over 10-years

·       Multiple restaurants starting construction

·       ARA Southwest Logistics Center - Infrastructure under construction

·       Capital Investment: $400+ million

·       Jobs: thousands over 15-year build out

·       Property Tax to School District: $600k/annually

·       Property Tax to Washington City: $100k/annually

·       New businesses, expansion of local businesses, stimulate surrounding areas and airport expansion/flight service.



These are only a few of the great

things the city is working on.

For additional information email or call: Craigcoats5@gmail.com435-632-3343



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